01. About us

Our aim is to help each student to learn the English language in a way that is adapted to their personal needs. We identify each student’s needs and pay special attention to them.
This is achieved by creating small groups consisting of 7 to 10 students and by employing two teachers to attend each group. This way, we manage to make students not only love the language but also discover their linguistic abilities.

Classrooms are modern, fully equipped with the latest audiovisual means in education providing a pleasant, student-friendly environment.

02. Experience

Englishland, school of languages, was established in 2012.

Our teachers are university- graduate, certified professionals with years of experience with students of all ages both in the public and private sector.

Their love for education and children is their main motivation for continuous, personal advancement through the attendance of seminars and special courses.

03. Skills

We encourage the expression and development of all linguistic skills of each student.

We offer students the opportunity to practice and develop:
• Listening
• Reading Comprehension
• Writing
• Speaking
• Presentation
• Public Speaking

04. Facilities / Aids

• Lending library
• Extra practice of syllabus through modern technology and the Internet
• Free extra sessions to help students who need it
• Mock Tests
• Student’s Profile
• Projects
• Constant parent update